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What Beakr Does (the short version)


Often businesses simply need some key tweaks to get more money flowing into the business.

This might mean changing some sales copy, doing some SEO (search engine optimization), or moving marketing “pieces” to a more strategic position. Whatever it takes to get the most leverage for you business.


What new systems and marketing processes could have the greatest impact on your bottom line?

Maybe we need to build (or re-build) your website, implement a lead nurture email campaign, explore some joint venture opportunities, or write new sales copy for your print ads. Let’s innovate together.


Most companies haven’t explored the many options for creating new streams of income in their business. We’ll help uncover those.

Can we cut out some overhead expenses through a host-beneficiary agreement? Or perhaps pair a product with your service (or vice versa)? And where is their room for passive or digital income streams in your business? Have you explored all of your options?

Alright. Let's get to it.

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